Friday, October 14, 2011

Vietnam July-August 2011

This Photo was taken when I went for city tour and
this is the Reunification Palace!

Who says that Vietnam is a scary country to visit?? I don't think so, the Philippines is ;( ...
I enjoyed my trip in Vietnam even though it was raining the whole trip I was there but I met a lot of people that makes my travel so worth it..  
Just being crazy tourist! 

Pho noodles, beef

I really liked the foods like the PHO Vietnamese noodles, and Im craving now for their Vietnamese spring rolls so good and I love it so much..

And my fave Avocado Shake hmmm yummmy... 

This is my friend Lynn Phan,  so thankful to have a very good friend from Vietnam, she arranged everything from my hotel and my other travels to southern Vietnam, Thanks Lynn the next time you visit the PI i will also tour you around like you did for me.. Your family are so lovely.. 

At the new cafe trying their Vietnamese ice tea and tried their hot chocolate since I don't drink coffee, Lynn had a black coffee.. :)

I really enjoyed my time with her, she paid our drinks and I paid our breakfast.

It was my first time to try their long bread, the Vietnamese bread that this old lady is holding, she puts alot of stuff on it.. And I think it was good but just hard bread lol..

This is the typical Vietnamese woman who sells stuff like delicacies, chips.. its like  woman wearing a traditional Vietnamese conical hat riding a bicycle..

This is their provincial bus going to Southern and Northern Vietnam like Hanoi, I was astonished that there were no Vietnamese on the bus I took going to Mu Nei, we were all foreigners, except for the driver and the guy who gives the tickets and the free water.. This is what we call lazyboy bus here in the Philippines..Its an incredibly comfortable chair, that you can stretch to be your own bed, whenever you travel like 5 hours or so.

When I went to visit the Southern Vietnam I stayed in this luxurious resort that I think they reaped me off by charging me alot on tours, well I just had 1tour for the day, just wanna see different temples, museums and even places and views.. 

The Motorcycles are presently the primary mode of transport in the major Vietnamese cities. In both Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City,they have 4millions motorcycles according to my guide.. Its like 90% of the people has a motorcycle, even teens own one.. And its really nice when they have their own way for motorcycles only!

This was so sad when I read this from the Ho Chi Min museum, traumatic experiences of war with Americans..
I really can't describe myself to how I felt after reading this, coz I noticed that people just go and check what its really like to see the museum, they don't really read whats in there and realize whats the purpose of going to the museum..

Anyhow, I enjoyed my stay in this beautiful country for a week, meet people not only locals but foreigners too..
Visit local people along the way and enjoy Vietnamese hospitality customs. Great chance to learn more about Vietnamese culture, customs, Vietnam war. 


  1. Dear baby ko,
    I came here to be close to you. To read your words, to see your beautiful smile.. To reminisce about your lips close to mine. To remember all that you are, and forget all the moments i squandered in your presence, when i could of been loving you every second of the day. and sometimes it didn't go that way. But my tears are pouring out, because you aren't next to me right now. I don't know if you can read this, but if you can, my love is real. my pain is alot to bear; I need you so much babe, and I will count the days until i can be with you again. I want to come back so bad :( - Enjoy wensha spa tonight babe- i'll talk to you soon.
    I love you so much,

  2. omg, i just read this baby ko, i didnt check this blog until i wrote a new one, im sorry, for some of the bad memories that sometimes is lingering onto our minds, i am really sorry about what had happened to us when we were together, i hope you will give me a chance :)

    i love you to babe,