Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doubtful love

I pray for ears to hear
And eyes to see
But how much more do you want from me

Distance contained
Feelings astray
What emotions are yet to be conveyed

Times together
Times apart
I kept them all in my heart

Now you’ve taken my soul
And filled my mind
What more of Me am I yet to find

No, nothing left
You’ve possessed my inner core
Is that enough, or do you still want more

Wounds of my heart
Will they heal
Are your feelings undoubtedly real

Take my word
My feelings are true
What measure shall I take my love to

Mysterious answers 
Revealing my fate
All I can do is sit and wait

But with each trial
I’ll endure the pain
Because my love for you will shine again

babe, pls don't give up :(


  1. Dear Jingle,
    Thank you for your lovely poetry, and kind heartedness. Your love is quite poetic in and of itself. Your compassion and dedication are heart warming.. And your beauty lies not only on the outside of your seductive silhouette, and loving smile, but radiates throughout your entire core and being :) I would never give up on you, I am counting the days until we can be together :) Don't fear my love, I am not going astray- I am always here for you... I will wait for you

  2. Hey Gusto,
    I know I've been paranoid the past few days, every time you don't answer my call and my text but it was just strange thoughts that roam around in my head. I am just a bunch of molecules roaming the earth, I just don't wanna feel all the sad feelings i felt before, it was like I'm alive but I'm alone.. And I understand that we sometimes doubtful about each other or maybe we just need assurance with each other..
    I just wanna let you know that I will never give up, I'm used to wait for somebody but I know that my heart belongs to you and I will wait for you.
    Be safe,
    big hugs and kisses,