Saturday, October 1, 2011


When you're in love, every day is a colorful as the rainbow.
    Lots of wonderful things happen, things that should always be remembered.

Meaningful moments in your relationship and discover why being in love
                    is one of the most beautiful experiences that can happen in your life.

There I was one minute getting to know you, enjoying you and wondering where it would all lead, and the next , thinking about you all the time , 
     knowing that I never, ever wanted to be without you!

         I guess that's the way life is. You're going along doing everyday things, 
                  and out of the blue, life gives you this wonderful present,
   a present you had no idea how much you wanted.. 

That's what you are to me, you know, a precious gift...
Whenever I think of my time spent with you, when so many beautiful
       dreams have come true, whenever I think of how happy I've been...

I just fall in love all over again..

Everything wonderful begins with you loving me and me loving you..
One look at you is all it takes for me to fall in love all over again ;)


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