Monday, October 3, 2011

my poem with no title

If I forget all the times I made you smile
With my innocence and careless style
Would you still come around to bring me tears?
And fail to remember all those we had in years?

If you forget all the moments I made you blue
With all the naivety and lies I hid from you
Would you be in my doorstep tonight?
And tell me I am still the love of your life?

If we forget the love we've made for a span of time
And find somebody else to keep us busy and fine
Would we still find each other again at the end of the line?
Or let someone else fulfill dreams that once were yours and mine?

If for just one moment we forget to apologize
For hurting one another in many different ways
And stop ourselves from trying too hard,start to realize
That we both could live happily for the rest of our lives

But if only if you're future no longer witheld me
Then I guess this poem should mean goodbye
And even if it tears me in pieces to set you free
I know that I can...and will always hold you inside.


1 comment:

  1. My sweet sweet love- if the world could only see the happiness that we share- if the world could even care- people may think,im crazy to feel this way for a love so immature, but I believe in a collective unconscious in a jungian sense, the connection we feel across this space... To know our chemistry to the to the electron is true because our subatomic particles were once star dust in space. I believe our love existed across time for aeons- and I dont care if the world knows- because everyday we inspire poetry in eachothers lives- people on the outside may see me as a visa or a puti, or you as a beautiful woman to satisfy my boyish urges but they dont see what we share, if the world could even even care..