Monday, October 3, 2011

taken for granted

So many times we take our lives for granted because we are so sure that another day will be coming anyway, and we can always make up for things undone or unsaid. We treat the present carelessly, yet worry about the future. When in fact, the future is uncertain, a mystery. While the present is a beautiful gift to be cherished. What happens tomorrow rests not in our hands but in God’s. Sometimes, for some people, their tomorrows fail to arrive. Because their time is up, and they wasted their last day worrying about tomorrow – the day that never came.

Drastic as it may sound, but we are all guilty of this. We assure ourselves that many tomorrows are up ahead, so we live the present so casually and thoughtlessly. I’ll do this tomorrow. I’ll tell her I love her tomorrow. I’ll call my Dad tomorrow, when I find the time. I’ll thank my friend next time, for all the help he’s given. I’ll see you next time. We don’t bother to stop and wonder – what if tomorrow never comes? What if there won’t be any next time?

So goes the saying yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. I believe we can live our lives fully if we value the present, and keep in mind that life is short. What do you have now that you should be thankful for, yet take for granted? What are the things you need or want to do now yet have been waiting for next time? Have you been meaning to tell a loved one how much you love them, yet have been saving it for another day, for a better day?

We worry so much about the future, we busy ourselves with preparing for the future, our lives are too occupied with plans for the future. Nothing wrong with that of course. But if it hinders you from enjoying the present, from seeing the beauty around you, from appreciating God’s daily graces, from doing the simple things that are really important like saying thank you or I love you or I’m sorry, or give a hug or a kiss or a pat on the back, then you are already too caught up with the uncertain tomorrow and have taken today for granted.

So stop for a while and smell the roses! Dance like there’s no tomorrow! Love like you’ll never love again. Life is short and precious, so enjoy and make the most of what you have today, for only God knows our tomorrow.

life is short. we are never sure of our tomorrows.. 



  1. Very true..
    hmm things on my mind today- I hope i can stay awake until my beau gets off.. I shouldn't have eaten that hot dog, lol- My mind is definitely wrapped up in both the past and future. mostly in the future though because in it lies the possibility of holding you in my arms.. I know i should focus on the present, but sometimes it's fun and necessary to plan out the path we are ultimately going to take. Other times it's fun to run blindly into a situation and wing it in an Indiana Jones fashion. haha, I enjoy both methods- I'm not really a Type A personality, i'm more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of guy, but in all serious life decisions, career, family, etc.. I think i have already thought it out, and decided how i ultimately envision my ideal future; and I know if i continue to work towards it day by day it will all work out- Thanks for the update love, i agree living in the present is the best way to go- not obsessing over the should have could haves and stressing about what lies around the bend. Just enjoy the road underneath your feet right!
    p.s. I love you <3 Baby ko

  2. awww you are so sweet baby ko, yes, we should live the life we have inthe present,and dont forget the present is a gift..

    Love you too baby ko <3 :)