Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why I hate Saturdays!!

I was wondering whether people like them or dislike them ;0 ??
But we all know,everyone loves Saturdays, the day that everyone meet their friends, hang out, watch movies, anything you can do, weekend would always be the NO WORK day but for me its my first day of work, but actually I'm working on graveyard shift, sucks!!

I've had Saturday's off from work which is amazing and hasn't happened since I was employed to my present company... 

I really did try not to, I promise, but its just that I cannot keep pretending that there aren't like 50 reasons why Saturdays suck.

If we were to even go back in time, we'd find that I haven't ever really had much Saturday luck. 

One of the biggest reasons I hate Saturdays is because everyone else has them off.

I'm sure its rough on the other of the spectrum......not being able to go to that concert or party because you're working Saturday, or having to cancel that trip because you couldnt get anyone to cover your weekend shift....

Perhaps we might just do away with Saturdays and instead just give everyone a random day off during the week, with the option to sync up with a few other friends or something. I dunno, I'm sure that's a terrible idea but probably I'm going insane from all the Saturday Blues. Apparently I hate everything these days though, so I guess we can just add this to that list hahaha...

Life is a wretched gray Saturday, but it has to be lived through.!!


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