Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Woman wink wink...

You might wonder Why the title of this blog is Mr. Woman?? Yes you are right they are all lady boys with such a great body.. Funny and so pretty faces they have, I was so insecure hahahaha, but I'm still happy that I'm a real woman with such a good heart.. Nigel, my British friend and I went to this bar with a videoke last night after spending time at Padi's point bar had some drinks but since they are closing at 3am so we decided to go to mr. woman just for fun and out of curiousity, so funny coz I'm the only lady in the bar all lady boys with 2japanese and nigel are the only men in that bar, Nigel enjoyed alot coz he was able to sing like 10songs hahahahaha... and they made me sing too and they were amazed by the voice i had, such a great singer wow!!! I am not bragging myself wink! but true hahaha.. such a fun night and it was my first time to go to a bar like that, all lady boys and u can't even tell that they are he-she ;)

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