Thursday, April 11, 2013

Missing someone

Missing someone is not as easy as eating mangoes. Missing someone I love makes me hurt because I cannot be with him when he needed me the most and vice versa. And when time doesn't permit us to be together. 
I think of you more each day, and it hurts, I feel like my insides are ripping apart with the mere thought of seeing  you just on skype nor chatting with you on viber. I am waiting but I can only be so patient. I know I will see you very soon my loveedude. i just wanna write this blog so everyone can read this that I'm seriously missing the man of my life, I wanna let you know that you are the man that walked into my life.. Thinking of you but still I am missing you..


  1. Missing someone is not as easy as eating mangoes, but your love is as sweet as your mango floats :) sarap ikaw.. I miss you everyday; i know i have to wait, but seeing you and hearing from you is the only thing that keeps me going.. I know people think we are crazy and wonder how we can do a long distance relationship.. Sometimes they say things, like "Oh.. thats pretty hard." Or, "you should have fun while you're young, why settle down?" Well obviously they have never loved someone the way we love each other. I don't care if it is hard, or painful, or that i must wait, because all that matters is that we have eachother, and soon the waiting will be over. Thanks for the sweet blog :) I love you, i look forward to reading more from you my love

  2. I will be posting another one later, i think i need to sleep, but its hard to sleep in a warm or i must say hot room like an oven, fan doesn't make me ok and sleepy, its just that I really need to sleep because i need to work later whole shift even though its my rest day today..

  3. i love you more than words can say, missing you lots.. cuidate mi amor!

  4. We were once in this same same situation,but look at us now! With a baby so beautiful that we are more bonded! This is what the world needs-love! Keep the fire of love burning you two!! :)

    1. hi Che, yeah, and your Zoe is so beautiful like her mom and shes so lucky to have a wonderful parents :)