Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beat the Heat!!

During the summer, there's nothing more satisfying than a cool bath or shower.. Even running cold water over my wrist for a few minutes cools me down. Whenever I can't sleep since i sleep during daytime because of the heat I shower like 3-5 times no kidding that's true, I don't have air condition in my room that's why I drink cold ice water like two liters a day.

The midday increase the sun increases the heat in the house and making it difficult to cools down in the evening since we all use the lights and it adds heat inside the room, more more heat.

I think going for a break in the beach is a very good idea during this time of the year. The summer months often mean travel time at hometown, aboard and most specially at the beach. I'm planning to travel going to the beach and somewhere out the metropolis. Its just nice to stay on the beach having those tan brown skin and just enjoy the summer season.

Finding ways to beat the heat is about more than just comfort. Staying cool this summer may mean the difference between a season filled with fun activities and one spent in what i called, horizontal mode.

Summer time is a great season for cold drinks to be enjoyed by every one while playing outside and even while having fun at the beach.

Mix seasonal fruits with juices, wines or spirits to make refreshing drinks to enjoy during the long hot summer. Beat the heat with this cool summer drinks, from blended fruit drinks to creative twist on classic lemonade.

Usually families have more time to spend together during this season the most, being out the sun, swimming, with all fun activities that make up the meaning of summer time along with summer time holidays. 

Enjoy the summer days.. :)

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